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Are you a labor & delivery or postpartum nurse ready to ditch the fear when it comes to getting sued?

Do you want to find more delight in your work and reconnect to your purpose as a nurse?

Do you want to do it with



Okay, let me rephrase that...

Did you know that nurses consistently rank 'getting sued or being part of a lawsuit' as a top concern and professional dissatisfier?

Interesting right? Makes sense though...

Birth nurses want to
✔️ Give amazing care
✔️ Increase patient safety
✔️ Feel safe and empowered in their practice

❌ Awkward risk management classes that are stressful

❌ Memorizing endless documentation "rules" 

❌The burnout that comes with hypervigilence


If you're a nurse at any stage of your career, from new grad to seasoned charge nurse, either in L&D or Postpartum, ready to reconnect to your identity as a patient advocate and leave the unit each shift feeling secure in the care you provided...

Here’s the problem...

First: it is not normal that this fear of being involved in a lawsuit is considered an accepted part of our professional lives.

Second: the way this fear is wielded against nurses is creating trauma for you all.

That's completely messed up and I’m sorry your hospital, educators, risk-managers and leaders are doing that or think that’s a good learning strategy.

We know patient safety is a top priority.

Unfortunately, the way we discuss it and what you have likely been taught is

➜ Either overly complicated or just plain wrong 
➜ Keeping you in an activated state at work, leading to ever-higher rates of burnout.
➜ Making you feel disconnected from your patient. 

Some Startling Statistics

  • Well over 80% of lawsuits are the result of actual substandard care (i.e. frivolous lawsuits aren't a common thing)
  • We do have a patient safety crisis
    • Our outcomes are far worse than any other similarly wealthy country 
    • For Black and Native American/Indigenous birthing folks mortality on average is 3-4x higher than white counterparts
    • Neonatal deaths are 63% higher than the other 10 similarly wealthy countries 
    • Multiple healthcare agencies have found that most of this is preventable harm
  • Meanwhile
    • Over half of nurses are suffering from moderate to severe burnout.
    • Birth nurses suffer a disproportionately high rate of work-related trauma and PTSD 

Take a deep breath.

You aren't at the hands of fate and we can do something about this...

But what?

As nurses, we DO need to be able to talk about the things that are beneath the lawsuit--patient injury and harm--and ways to prevent it.

Because at the end of the day, legal risk is just another way to say patient risk.

But let's do it in a well-regulated way. In a way that’s trauma-informed and actually helps our nervous systems, improves the care our patients receive, and lets us be bold and actionable in our patient advocacy.

Because the checklists, protocols and policies are nothing without an awesome nurse at their patients bedside.

Can you imagine confidently releasing your fear of liability, finding more connection with your patients and having more joy, pleasure and purpose in your work?

Leaving each shift knowing your patient was safer and more likely to have a satisfying birth because you were there?

Get the tools and mindset to worry-proof your practice in a community of other committed perinatal nurses.

If you're ready to level-up with out burning out,

I have something for you...


Worry- (and Lawsuit) Proof Your Practice

Here's what students are saying about Reasonable & Prudent:

"Fantastic job on this. The topics were to the point and I loved hearing the cases during each session... very informative!"

-Ericka Valdez RN, Texas

"Great course! A perfect foundation for EVERY L&D nurse."

-Kathleen Long CNS, California

Here's how it all breaks down...

Reasonable & Prudent is a 6 week live summer session from June 17th - July 22nd
Live classes will be weekly on Mondays from 10-12 PST 
Replays will be available if you can't make the live call
12 CEU's

Legal Basics

👉 The first step is just to pull back the curtain on lawsuits, because when we shine a light on something it gets much less scary.  Learn the actual malpractice process, get clear on the Standard of Care, and start to untangle facts from the myths when it comes to malpractice liability.  

Knowledge & Skills

👉 I can’t tell you how many depositions I’ve read where the fall back to not knowing something pretty fundamental is that the nurse will claim they don’t need to...they rely on clinical judgement. The problem is, clinical judgement can only be as good as our foundational knowledge. Luckily that's easy to fix! You’ll leave with an exact checklist and a bunch of resources to continue building guess work! We'll cover the core areas of nurse knowledge and skills that I see come up in almost every case, including Pitocin and exactly what you need to know about fetal monitoring so you can focus in on the BIG stuff

Documentation & Communication

👉 We talk about documentation so much in Labor & Delivery. But newsflash: if your care isn't great and there's a bad outcome, no amount of documentation will help. BUT! If we use documentation and befriend it, then it can be a great tool to help us provide excellent care. I'll show you a framework so you always chart within the standard of care, how to write better notes, and the number 1 thing that you can change to make documentation your safety net. Did you know documentation can also help prevent birth trauma? What?! Yes! I’ll cover that too.


👉 You've probably heard that nurses are patient advocates...what does that mean or even look like? Advocate is our most sacred role as a nurse and includes 

  • Preserving human dignity
  • Promoting patient equality
  • Ensuring that patients have the right to make decisions about their own health

We'll dive into consent, shared decision-making, the chain-of-command and some out-of-the-box ways of advocating you might not have realized. 

  • Case studies, galore!

  • Learn with nurses all over the country 

  • Ask questions and work through situations in a supported space

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I'm Jen, and I can't wait to work with you.

With over 18 years of unique experiences in nursing and consulting, I've seen the same patient safety & legal themes come up over and over again. And they're not what you think they are! Because keeping our birthing folks, families and babies safe is always our first priority, I needed to make this information available to all nurses!

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