Looking for a consultant?

You're a nurse leader in need of an extra pair of (expert) hands.
I help with case review & root cause analysis, policy & procedure review, targeted education, and program development.


Hi, Jen Atkisson here.

I’m a Labor & Delivery Nurse, Expert Witness for birth injury litigation, Consultant, Educator and Public Speaker. I'm dedicated to helping you understand and implement the nursing standard of care in labor & delivery, postpartum and neonatal resuscitation.

My goal is continually advocating for safe and satisfying birth for all families.
In perinatal healthcare, our greatest asset in this fight is our healthcare workforce    because nothing keeps a patient safe like a well-trained, resourced nurse at the bedside. To do that, we must ensure nurses have what they need to be connected to their identity as a patient advocate, including education, training and useful policy & procedures.

I draw on over 15 years of healthcare experience, multiple degrees, numerous certifications and hundreds of cases served as an expert witness to guide healthcare organizations and professionals. There are currently three problems I help organizations and professionals find solutions to:

1.) You've had a bad outcome and want an objective set of eyes to review and recommend process improvements. When it comes to case review and Root-Cause Analysis, it can be hard to review sentinel events objectively, especially in maternity care, when the emotional stakes are so high. Having outside eyes can be a necessary step in quality improvement and patient safety.

2.) Policy & procedure writing and review: If your policies aren’t useful to frontline staff and in alignment with the standard of care, then they are a liability to your organization.

3.) You're struggling with sustainable and meaningful fetal monitoring education. I offer program development and can Implement self-sustaining AWHONN fetal monitoring.


4.) You're a Level 1 hospital without a NICU and resuscitation is a 'weak-link' in your services. Implementation of Resuscitation Nurses (R-Nurses) can be a cost-effective and culture-shifting program with huge benefits to staff morale and patient outcomes.