I understand the unique concerns and issues of perinatal nurses because

I am one.

I've built online courses to help you understand the legal process & address the most urgent issues I hear from nurses when it comes to malpractice.


I understand the unique concerns and issues of perinatal nurses because I am one.



Basics of Malpractice Lawsuits for Nurses

How much do you think about lawsuits or getting sued as a nurse? If the answer is somewhat frequently to a lot, this is for you!

Great for nurses of any specialty who want to understand the lawsuit process and the nurses role. Finally learn what all those terms mean (like "standard of care" "discoverable" & "scope of practice"), what really drives lawsuits and how outcomes get decided.

1.5 CEU

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Documentation Domination: Charting for Perinatal Nurses

Do you want a framework for documenting according to the standard of care that you can apply to any situation? Do you want to chart in a way that improves patient outcomes, nurse satisfaction and helps prevent trauma?

I want that for you, too.

1.5 CEU

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Legal Issues Unique to the Postnatal Period

Did you get the impression that lawsuits only affected labor & delivery? In fact, the postnatal period of hospitalization is incredibly vulnerable and patient injury is rising.

Solidify you understanding of legal issues unique to postnatal care and gain strategies to minimize risks for patients.


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Want to totally worry-proof your practice?


Reasonable & Prudent:

Live Summer School Edition

Why Reasonable & Prudent? 

Well, it's a phrase used often in the malpractice world to describe how nurses ought to be and is the basis for defining the standard of care. We'll dive into what it means to be a reasonable and prudent nurse, so we can claim this as our own! 

We deserve to feel good at work, in our chosen profession, caring for our patients...let's work on this together.



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My guiding philosophy:

In birth, we get our best outcomes when we don't intervene in normal, and when we intervene in a timely manner in abnormal.

Which means we have to be really good at telling normal from abnormal. 

Let's sharpen this skill together.

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Consistently, nurses share with me worries around lawsuits. And with so much on our plates, that’s the last thing we should be thinking about. We should be able to feel good taking care of our patients.

In the cases I review, I see the same themes come up over and over again. And they probably aren't what you think they are or what you've learned in risk-management classes.

Let me help you focus on the things that actually keep patients safe.